on writing ourselves into existence


For the RaceBaitr, I wrote an article about medical gaslighting. Drawing on my own personal experience and that of well-known Black people, I discuss how the medical industry is killing Black people by not believing our pain, making connections between police brutality, mass incarceration, misogynoir, and the medical industry. I also talk about the ways in which Black people are creating safe, assuring spaces for our health. You can read the article here.



Together with Dr. Moya Bailey, we created an online syllabus called #RafikiSyllabus, inspired by Wanuri Kahiu’s Kenyan Queer film, Rafiki. The syllabus documents the ways in which African Queer people exist and thrive in literature, media, art, fashion, digital platforms, and films. The syllabus can be accessed here.



As a student in Dr. Moya Bailey’s Gender, Race, and Medicine course, I co-wrote a podcast with Sakura Gandolfo where we compare Black womxn’s sexuality with Japanese womxn’s sexuality. The podcast is called “Power, Privilege, Perseverance. Black Women Sexuality vs. Japanese Women Sexuality: The Impact of media, culture, society on health” and you can listen to it here.