Email: roseajegwu@gmail.com | Phone Number: (781) 613-3588 | Insta: @roseajegwu

Rose Ajegwu is a PG [Prince George’s] County bred, Naija [Nigeria] bled Black, queer, & nonbinary creative. As an experimental artist who looks at the world as a series of interlocking lines and intersectional spaces, their art spans across film, photography, digital design, poetry, writing, and engineering. Based in Boston, MA, Rose uses their art to reflect upon Black Femmehood, Blackness, African queerness, culture, Black mental health, Nigerian women’s sexual health, Black public health, intergenerational trauma, male preference, and everything in between. They are a Redefining Boundaries Fellow, a participant of Photoville’s 2018-2019 Women Photograph Workshop and a 2018-2019 Women Photograph mentee, a participant of National Geographic’s Storyteller Summit, a two-time Collegiate Union Poetry Slam Invitational (CUPSI) participant, and a Feminine Empowerment Movement Slam (FEMS) finalist. Their work has been featured in the The Boston Voyager , the Northeastern Onyx Informer, and Northeastern’s Spectrum Literary Magazine (Spring 2017). Rose is currently pursuing their Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering. They use they/them pronouns.